4th Annual Middle East Healthcare
Informatics Summit

Seamless Integration for Superior Healthcare

2016 Day 1

08.00Registration and Coffee
08.45Chairman's Welcome Address:

K.C. Anand, Chief Operating Officer, AAPC

Health Information Management

Dr. Kalthoom Mohammad, Director Hospital Department, Hospital Sector, Ministry of Health UAE

09.30 ICD 10 Implementation in the Region
10.00 A Holistic Approach to the Design and Meaningful Use of Electronic Health
Records:A Nursing Experience
  • To understand how a holistic approach to design decisions impacts adoption of electronic medical records
  • To understand how appropriate design decisions impacts the capture of Key Performance indicators
  • To understand how a structured approach to change control impacts in overall clinician satisfaction and improves patient safety

Frances Beadle, Nurse Manager Nursing Informatics, Tawam Hospital

11.00 Case Management: Perspective from Payer and Provider
  • Objective and Purpose of Case Management
  • Case Management Process for UAE Market
  • How Case Management supports providing quality care to patients

Dr. Samina Ashiq, Former Group Manager, CDI & Denials Management, Al Noor Hospitals

11.30RN Case Management: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Model
  • Objective of Case Management for CCAD - the bigger picture
  • Repatriations and Case Management (case study)
  • 'No man is an Island'- Interdisciplinary approach to support patient first philosophy

Sheila Burns Manager Case Management Department Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

12.00 Case Management: Perspective from Aetna International
  • Case Management concept and advantage
  • Case study

Dr. Charushila Thadani, Associate Medical Director CARE Team, Aetna International

12.20 Interactive Panel Discussion: Revenue Management Optimization and
Relevance to Health Information Management
  • Effective management of administrative and clinical functions
  • Increasing the accuracy level for better patient care
  • Clinical documentation improvement

MODERATOR: Nadeem Siddiqui, Director Middle East, Truven Health Analytics
Thomas Adolph Spies Jr, Senior Director Revenue Cycle Management, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Dr. Mohammed EzzatAgamy, CEO Revenue Cycle Management, VPS Healthcare
Dr. Kalthoom Mohammad, Director Hospital Department, Hospital Sector, Ministry of Health UAE
Paraic Bergin, Director of Commercial Management, Hamad Medical Corporation

13.00 Networking Lunch
Digital and eHealth
MODERATOR: Nadeem Siddiqui, Director Middle East, Truven Health Analytics
14.00 Understanding Coding Patterns Through Data Analytics
  • iData and Analytics provides key insight into an organization's coding patterns
  • What are the benefits of understanding how coding patterns compare to norms?
  • Examples of coding analytics

Jeff Young, Vice President Product Development and Enterprise Solutions, AAPC

14.30 Big Data in Healthcare
  • Operational and financial benchmarking to save costs
  • Clinical benchmarking to improve patient outcomes
  • Custom analytics that combine both clinical and operational data

Kathleen VanEnkevort, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions, Truven Health Analytics

15.00 Afternoon Networking Break
15.30 Optimizing the Patient Care Pathway: The hospital of the future exists today
  • Provide Superior Patient Experience
    • Seamless appointment processes & Optimized & easy to deploy Welcome
    • Attractive services for patient room (from low-end to high end medical tourism)
  • Enable 24/7 Efficient & Quality Care Delivery:
    • Effective clinical staff mobility & notification services
    • Collaboration
  • Secure Always-on access to Patient Information
    • One highly resilient & secured network for all hospital departments

Nicole Hill, Global Healthcare Sector Director, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

16.00 The Role of Patient Portal in Patient Empowerment: King Khaled Eye
Specialist Hospital Experience
  • Portals provide efficient and easier consumers-providers communication method
  • Effects of Health Literacy on Population
  • Encouraging patients to play vital role in their health

Dr. Amar Hijazi, Consultant and Director, Information Technology, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

16.30 Disease Registries to Big Data
  • Big Data as a tool for HIT
  • Registries provide significant data for evaluation and input to big data algorithms
  • Both tools to be used together to build a complete picture of the healthcare of a nation

Russel Gann, Chief Information Officer, Vinnell Arabia (Ministry of the National Guard)

17.00 Closing Remarks from the Chairman