Kathleen VanEnkevort
Senior Vice President, Client Solutions

Profile: Kathy VanEnkevort is a Clinical Epidemiologist and Senior Vice President of Truven Health Analytics’ Client Solutions. She has 21 years of experience in healthcare operations and strategic planning of healthcare systems. Her focus to date has been in healthcare transformation and alignment to system objectives, industry best practices, and national regulatory initiatives in four key areas: provisioning of healthcare, population health, access, and the business of healthcare. Her experience provides perspective on accurately provisioning effective healthcare for the best value while maintaining quality of care. She is a specialist in the use of evidence based medicine and system data to bring visibility to operational needs and perform accurate comparisons. She maintains collaborative roots with the payer landscape to produce relevant ties within the industry.

Ms. VanEnkevort joined Truven Health 11 years ago after serving in Washington with the Air Force Surgeon General on behalf of First Consulting Group.