4th Annual Middle East Healthcare
Informatics Summit

Seamless Integration for Superior Healthcare

2016 Sponsors and Partners

AAPC's mission is to advance the business of healthcare by providing industry standard certifications along with professional training and resources in Medical Coding, Auditing, Billing and Compliance. AAPC is one of the world's largest professional medical associations and leading authority of medical coding with an international membership base of over 158,000 members. AAPC certification and education programs represent the gold standard in the medical industry and are national recognized by employers, insurers, and government organizations.

APC certifications encompass the entire business side of healthcare, with professional service coding (CPC®), hospital outpatient (COC™) and hospital inpatient (CIC™) coding, professional billing (CPB™), medical auditing (CPMA™), medical compliance (CPCO™), and physician practice management (CPPM™). All certifications demonstrate a strong hands-on, working knowledge to support cleaner claim submission, faster reimbursement, fewer denials, and better run practices and facilities. Specialty coding credentials are currently offered in more than 20 different fields of expertise.

In addition, to our certification programs, AAPC's Middle East Division supports the healthcare industry throughout the GCC Region by providing comprehensive business solutions to providers and payers including:

  • Medical Auditing
  • Coding
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • ICD10 Training and Implementation
  • Revenue Cycle Improvement
  • Fraud / waste and Abuse
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Training and Education Programs
For more information on AAPC's Middle East Division please visit:

2016 Gold Sponsor

Truven Health Analytics, an IBM Company, delivers the answers that clients need to improve healthcare quality and access while reducing costs. We provide market leading performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics, and domain expertise. For more than 40 years, our insights and solutions have been providing hospitals and clinicians, employers and health plans, state and federal government agencies, life sciences companies, and policymakers the facts they need to make confident decisions that directly affect the health and well-being of people and organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Our core competencies in evidence-based practice, healthcare informatics, performance benchmarking and data analytics help reveal meaningful insights and identify unseen opportunities to improve clinical, operational and financial efficiencies at the Provider level.

Truven Health Analytics owns some of the most trusted brands in healthcare, such as MarketScan®, 100 Top Hospitals®, Advantage Suite®, Micromedex®, Simpler® and ActionOI®. Truven Health has its principal offices in Ann Arbor, Mich.; Chicago; and Denver. For more information, please visit

2016 Technology Partner

ALE, operating under the brand Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, with headquarters in France and 2700+ employees worldwide, is a leader in communications and networking solutions for businesses of all sizes, serving more than 830,000 customers across the globe. Our cost-effective solutions help organizations embrace new uses and models by enabling multimedia conversations across any device, supported by an Application Fluent Network, from the office to the cloud.

ALE with a history of proven technology and experience leverages a global team of technology experts, service professionals, and partner ecosystem to meet the unique needs of small businesses to international companies with tailored offers that address the requirements of various market segments and industries.

2016 Associate Sponsor

Manteq is a business services company that aims to be the most respected partner for healthcare industry in the region. To achieve this, we develop solutions to cover the medical aspects, the revenue cycle management and Business Intelligence solutions. We work to fulfill our clients' needs, fill the gaps in business processes and solve the challenges using innovative technologies and the best latest industry standards. At Manteq, our main target is to help the business partners achieving their goals in the smoothest ways, having a 360-degree overlook and control of their business.

In addition to our in-house development, we have a strategic partnership with Orion Health to provide integration solutions to the healthcare sector.

Manteq Forte:

  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Healthcare Information System
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Systems Integration

2016 Supporting Partner


The Oman Health Information Management Institute will be the national leading agency in providing excellence in e-health information education & training for professional development based on self directed learning & practical training integrating technological advancement.


The Oman Health Information Management Institute provide high standard education and training for potential health information technologists/ managers to meet the current & future health needs by offering educational programs tailored to qualify the graduates to assume responsibility in the health service and to develop them for continuous professional education.


  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Active Learning
  • Caring
  • Quality


  • Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Educational Programs
  • Infrastructure and Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Research
  • Community

2016 Media Partners

Medical News Today is the largest independent medical and health news site on the web - with 10,000,000 monthly unique users it is ranked number one for medical news on all major search engines. Medical News Today is used by pharmaceutical, biotech and health organizations, advertising agencies, PR companies and vertical ad networks to deliver targeted campaigns to HCPs, patients and caregivers. To find out how Medical News Today can help you to reach the right audience contact or visit

PharmaVOICE magazine, reaching more than 41,000 BPA-qualified life-sciences executives, is the forum that allows business leaders to engage in a candid dialogue on the challenges and trends impacting the industry. PharmaVOICE provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary in a multiple-perspective format through forums, topics, and articles covering a range of issues from molecule through market. PharmaVOICE subscribers are also kept abreast of the latest trends and information through additional media resources, including WebLinx Interactive WebSeminars, Podcasts, Videocasts, White Papers, E-Surveys and e-Alerts. Additionally, provides a comprehensive directory of products, services, and solutions for the life-sciences industry. To Raise Your VOICE, contact

Leading Online Health Directory Portal in the Middle East has been the most comprehensive record of doctors in Kuwait, KSA ,UAE, Lebanon and Jordan.

Our Medical Directory provides access to showcase expertise of more than 1000 doctors, hospitals, clinics, including GPs, consultants and surgeons.


  • Online Medical Directory.
  • Medical News.
  • Medical Blog.
  • Medical Promotions.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Online Booking.
  • Advertising & Marketing Services.

Medical News established since 1968 is the pioneer of medical journalism in Pakistan and currently publishes, Medical News, Dental News, Agro Veterinary News and the Journal of Pakistan Dental Association besides many corporate newsletters.

Editorially, the fortnightly has kept up an immaculate image of being an authoritative, investigative and non-partisan medical journal in Pakistan. Its independent stance free from the influence of vested interests has won it wide appreciation and credibility. Keeping in view the diversified tastes of our wide spectrum readership, the contents of the periodical are designed to meet the specific requirements of the professionals who constitute our readership.

Daily Public Relations (DPR) is a Bahraini public relations agency that specializes in creating comprehensive publications and advertisement solutions. We produce several magazines in the fields of medicine, tourism, industrial and more. In particular, our medical magazine has been going strong for four years. We also offer other PR services, such as press campaigns, translation and media monitoring.

DPR maintains national and international relations that have grown and blossomed in accordance with the development of the region. Our team of multimedia experts work hard to develop the best content and to utilize the latest technological innovations. Please visit us on: and kindly follow us: @dailypublicrelations.

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management is a bi-annual magazine from Ochre Media. It is the leading Healthcare title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world's leading Healthcare providers. Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Healthcare industry across Asia and rest of the world. It offers dedicated, reliable and accurate coverage of the industry's progress and incisive analysis to help its readers make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Pharma Focus Asia is a bi-annual magazine from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. Pharma Focus Asia covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Pharma industry across Asia and rest of the world. It is the leading Pharma title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

AlOsrah Medical Magazine is a monthly magazine that is interested in the health sector in particular and the rest of the sectors in general and is also interested in both awareness and health education.

The magazine is issued monthly with the beginning of the calendar month and by both electronic and printed two copies with available application for smart phones to browse the magazine.

Distribution of the magazine (40) thousand copies in Riyadh as an initial plan in the first stage.

Starting from 1/2016 (70) thousand copies will be distributed. Starting from 1/2017 A copy will be issued in English.

Targeting all classes and segments of society, such as schools, universities, medical centers, hospitals, banks, factories and other. Our Magazine has a quarterly plan so that the exporting number of copies will increase 20% each quarter. The magazine is considered the first one of its kind specializing in the health sector and community education.

For more information, please visit